Wedding Planner Event

If you are looking for an agency specialized in organizing private parties and events, you can contact Maria Rosa Borsetti Wedding Planner Event Manager, a leading activity in Orvieto for the organization of parties and events and in the rental of party equipment. For more information please contact us.

Event organization

M aria Rosa Borsetti Wedding Planner Event Manager offers to all of its clients professional services for organizing events. Maria Rosa Borsetti and its staff are at your service for arranging events of any kind, from weddings to business related. Event organization is a complex, dynamic and flexible job involving continuous confrontation with various customers, all with different requests, and being able to adapt while offering the service, in order to meet every need.


M aria Rosa Borsetti Wedding Planner Event Manager offers the preparation service for events and parties of all kinds. A service designed to organize not only great events, but also every party, caring even for the smallest detail, giving every customer an opportunity to make even anniversaries, birthday parties, wedding pledges, graduation parties, 18 years birthday celebrations and any other type of party unforgettable. A perfect service especially for the organization of birthday parties for children, allowing the dream of the littlest ones to have their favorite cartoon character at their party.

Rental service

M aria Rosa Borsetti Wedding Planner Event Manager is not just a company specialized in organizing events, but also offers rental equipment for parties. A service designed to provide all kinds of party equipment at the best market prices, with the only goal of allowing every customer to organize the event they have always wanted. The company offers rental services not only to private individuals, but also to business entities and companies in need to rent equipment for events.

Wedding planner

M aria Rosa Borsetti Wedding Planner Event Manager is a landmark in Orvieto in organizing events. The professional wedding planner organizes unique events designed to promote excellence for a high-level event. Among the most important recent projects is Destination Wedding, a strong point for giving further value to made in Italy products. The idea, all feminine, is born with the collaboration of the project manager, Iolanda Pomposelli