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M aria Rosa Borsetti, daughter of an art specialist, expert in stamps and Napoleonic collections, lives with him one of his most important artistic experiences. Mike Diesy in Brighton, a famous art collector, appoints him for evaluating the entire collection, and Maria Rosa actively participates in the project. He then involved her in this adventure which would go on to greatly enhance her professional life. The experience was then consolidated between the walls of the famous auction houses Sotheby and Christie, on Portobello Road. At the age of 19 she attended the course of Animator for the Artistic Heritage of the city of Orvieto, and attended a course as a conference and florist operator.

In 1992, she worked as an art operator at the information office of the city of Orvieto, and in the information office in Piazza Cahen. In 1992, she became responsible coordinator for the Emilio Greco Museum and the St Patrick's Well; in the same year she started a collaboration for Umbria Jazz Winter. All this will help her in solidifying her previous experiences.

In 1997, she attended a pre-university course as an internal museum operator in compliance with a project of the Umbrian Region, becoming responsible during the same year of the museum divisions for the municipalities of both Orvieto and Todi.

In 2000, she became vice president of Sistema Museo, a company which currently operates 70 museums in Italy. It is in the same year that the Todi cultural city is created.

In 2005, she continues and at the same time initiates an internal political and administrative management experience, as a member of the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors qualified as responsible for human resources, covering this role for 10 years. In 2005, she won over a tender for a three-year period of the IFOLD project in Cagliari for the management of 32 qualification and retraining courses for internal museum operators in the Sardinia Region. This project lasts three years. At the same time, with the Umbria region, a project is planned for the incoming of 505 appliers in the Region of internal museum operators, boys which have the stage in Umbria, always for inner museum patrimony. In 2005, among the most important activities, she became the design and operational coordinator of Juan Miro's "The Wonders" exhibition at the Emilio Greco Museum in Orvieto. She attended the specialization of Museum Didactics with Dr. Paola Pacetti, responsible in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence and with Catherine Girot in the Centro Pompidou. On a touristic level, the 2004-2005 experience concerned management of a Country House, ''l'uva e le stelle'' in the territory of Orvieto. Among the latter, the role of concierge for the extra luxury branch, in collaboration with various retail agencies, specifically with the Sardinia region.

Five years ago, she graduated from the Enzo Miccio Academy and two years later, she achieved: in 2013 a master in mise en place and dining education, in 2014 floral sets and outfits, in the 2015 focus on food and wine. Today she is the owner of the Maria Rosa Borsetti company, specializing in wedding organization and event planning.