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Maria Rosa Borsetti, daughter of an art specialist, expert in stamps and Napoleonic collections, lives with him one of his most important artistic experiences. Mike Diesy in Brighton, a famous art collector, appoints him for evaluating the entire collection, and Maria Rosa actively participates in the project. He then involved her in this adventure which would go on to greatly enhance her professional life. The experience was then consolidated between the walls of the famous auction houses Sotheby and Christie, on Portobello Road.

Wedding planning, corporate events, private parties, gala dinners. Elegance, finesse, originality, creativity... these are the elements which make an event unique. Maria Rosa can boast academical preparation in wedding planning, together with a personal background from the owner, meaning twenty plus years of experience in the art and event planning industry. Maria Rosa offers all of this to her clients, may it be a luxurious ceremony or a simple event: searching for and harmonizing the features making up the event's preparation becomes a mission.